Neurodivergent Partnerships


I jumped up and ran to get this thing going, in my usual ADHD-get-big-ideas-done way. But I found myself both disheartened by the lack of response from so many who expressed interest and from just being swamped with work. I had no time to devote to this and build it up. I also need to…

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The “Manager”

If you talk to many partners of people with ASD or read discussions, you’ll see a lot of people (usually women, but not always) talking about things like being the “frontal lobe” or executive manager for their household. It’s usually said in an exasperated or weary or even angry way—this isn’t a criticism of those…

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Coming Soon

Hi. My name is Nikki. I have ADHD, my son has ADHD, and my husband has Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are all also neurologically gifted (which is a “disorder” in and of itself! When I realized my husband was on the spectrum (he’s since been formally diagnosed), I was terrified. I looked for resources and…

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